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Archive for May, 2018
  • Birds May 29, 2018

    Feeding the Finch

    House finch providing a meal – apparently for a full grown bird!  Doesn’t it seem like the baby has a face as big as the parent?  Time to move out

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  • Texture May 27, 2018

    Hot Street

    Temp was in the 90’s and after a short thunderstorm, the street had a dramatic look to it.  

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  • Night, Sky May 25, 2018


    Super impressed with the Canon 300mm EF f/4 IS lens (original version) and the detail it can pull.  Moon shot – hand held (no tripod).  The crater detail is amazing

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  • Color, Plants May 24, 2018

    Background Obliterated

    The key to completely obliterate a background is to use a long lens or very large aperture lens and zoom in, or stand and focus very close to your subject.

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  • Birds, Water Life May 23, 2018


    This dude is WWWAAAYYY up there!  I didn’t even see him until I panned a bit with the 300mm lens.  Next thing you know, here is this guy, scanning the

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  • Birds May 21, 2018

    Barred Owl Family

    While walking our dog behind the church across the street, I encountered a family of Barred Owls.  I was so lucky and was able to see the juvenile, mom and

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  • Vehicles May 20, 2018

    American Speed

    Hood emblem of America’s finest sports car – the Chevrolet Corvette – 2018 flavor. Captured on the front lot after a soft rain at Green Chevrolet.

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  • Birds May 19, 2018

    Pelicans in Peoria

    Just getting back to work from lunch and looking in the sky I see a large flock of pelicans flying a couple hundred feet up in the sky.  It is

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