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Archive for July, 2020
  • Birds, Northwoods July 31, 2020


    Some day I’ll get a shot that is just right, with the sun in the right spot, with me in the right spot, and the loon at a perfect angle.

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  • Northwoods, Water Life July 24, 2020


    Was Hobie kayak fishing on the Turtle River and there are broken tree stumps all over the place. I thought this one was pretty cool. The fishing on this river

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  • Sky July 10, 2020

    Amazing Evening

    A cold front came through yesterday, bringing with it much cooler temperatures and an amazing evening sky. This image doesn’t do the colors and ambiance justice – it was just

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  • Birds July 9, 2020

    Piggy Back

    Another loon shot, but this time these are the ones on our lake. It is actually a state statute that you must approach no closer than 200 feet to loons

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  • Birds July 9, 2020

    Loon Chicks

    Looks like early July is the time the baby loons hatch – as we have new chicks on our lake “Little Pike” and these here were taken from Trout Lake.

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  • Insects July 6, 2020

    Sawyer Beetle

    This beetle was hitching a ride. White-Spotted Sawyer Beetle – they live in evergreen forests and bore into dead or dying trees.

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  • Birds, Mercer July 5, 2020

    The Imposter

    This guy cracked me up – as we were driving along we saw this one and a few of his home boys hanging out in a yard. At first glance

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  • Mercer July 5, 2020

    Fly Over

    Fighter jets fly over Mercer following the 4th of July parade. They were quite high up, but amazingly LOUD! Pretty cool, as people on the lake were all out on

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  • Animals July 4, 2020

    Young Buck

    This fella happened across the yard yesterday. Bucks are pretty elusive, so it was cool to see a deer with antlers – new growth antlers on this one. We see

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  • Birds July 4, 2020

    The Mom

    This is the mom of the 2 eaglets in the nest from the other day. She perches here every day – she has a straight shot view of her nest

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  • Birds July 3, 2020

    BIG Eaglets

    A pair of “baby” bald eagles. It is hilarious and amazing really – seeing such giant baby birds in their nest waiting for mama/papa eagle to bring a meal to

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