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Yesterday we said goodbye to our Wonderland until next year. The Northwoods is our escape from the city, our escape from traffic, escape from crowds, escape from COVID madness, and our escape from pollution (noise and air). It is a place where you can sit back and just enjoy all that is around you. The air is clean, the water is pristine, and there are times that if you try to listen really hard, you may only hear the wind hissing through the treetops. At night you see more stars than you ever knew existed – you can clearly see the Milky Way and various planets with a brightness that can blow you away – meanwhile the silhouettes of majestic black spruce trees line the night time sky, giving you that true Northwoods feel and experience. The woods have a smell, a fragrance really, that is like the worlds most awesome air freshener. Ahh, in my mind I am still there, I’ll always be there – but physically here I am, back in crap-land Illinois, counting down the days until our return to Wonderland.