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Rainy Days & Olympus

It has been raining every day this week – humidity off the charts. What a great time to get out my new combo. I traded in all my camera gear and sold miscellaneous lenses and filters, old batteries, memory cards, etc…. and have fully converted to the Olympus Micro 4/3rds system. Smaller sensor = smaller lenses and lighter gear. My previous go-to camera/lens combo I used every day weighed in at nearly 5 pounds. On a 7 mile hike with that slung over a shoulder – it leaves an impact.

My new Olympus camera and pro lens weighs just 2 pounds. It is a revelation, and when you see that the gear won’t hold me back from making images like these, I say – GAME ON! Also water, splash, freeze, dust resistant (Olympus pro lenses and bodies) – I couldn’t be happier!