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Archive for August, 2021
  • Birds August 11, 2021

    Wings in Motion

    This shot was a result of a slow shutter speed and mistaken settings that just happened to work out for the better. I’m still waiting for the super clean shot

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  • Animals August 10, 2021

    Snow Leopard

    This is by far my favorite image I have taken at a zoo. This amazing snow leopard just woke up from a snooze and did this huge stretch – just

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  • Animals August 3, 2021

    Babies Grow Fast

    These loons were just a couple of weeks ago riding on the backs of their parents – and now they are nearly as large and are eating quite large fish

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  • Northwoods, Water Life August 3, 2021


    The great Turtle Flambeau Flowage is a very large and hazardous water system. It wasn’t long ago all of these stumps were not visible, as they were just underneath the

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