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Wausau, Wisconsin on a very cold morning (single digits). Quite a blend of beautiful snowy marsh and the power plant on the Wisconsin River in the background. Wausau is about an hour and a half south of Minocqua and is the largest city within 100 miles of us with a whopping population of just over 39,000.

Interstate 39 begins here in Wausau as you head south. It turns into Highway 51 as you go north and goes from 4 to 2 lanes from near Tomahawk all the way to Route 2 in the U.P. of Michigan.

The steam you see from these plants, coupled with the snow making machines on Rib Mountain (just off to the immediate north) actually make the highway going through Wausau VERY HAZARDOUS as the steam and snow machines actually cause snow and ice to accumulate on the road and at 70 MHP highway speeds, there are many cars that spin out. They have hazard signs posted, but people are people, and they still drive too fast and sure enough……