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  • Birds November 5, 2022

    Grouchy Eagle

    This fine bird looks a bit intense, and perhaps grouchy! It was fairly cold and you can see wet feathers as the rain falls.

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  • Birds October 20, 2022

    View to a Kill

    Standing on the ground over a fresh kill. I was probably about 200 meters away and it doesn’t matter, these birds have such amazing eyesight they know what’s all around

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  • Birds September 5, 2022

    Treetop Heron

    Great Blue Heron at the upper heights of the treetops instead of hunting in the shallow waters where they usually are seen.

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  • Birds June 29, 2022

    Fists of Fury

    I do have captures of the entire eagle as it is “perched”, but the normal “perched” shots are a plenty, so I’m picking and choosing my shots based upon activity

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  • Birds June 18, 2022

    Through the Trees

    We were out paddling with the kids and I saw this young eagle perched low through a small opening in the trees. This was with taken with the 300mm Nikon

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  • Birds May 28, 2022


    Look at the little yellow marshmallow peep! Actually, I was tossed up between a type of yellow or gold finch or a canary. However, after quite a bit of looking,

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  • Birds February 20, 2022


    This barred owl had a great spot out of the frigid wind and was just basking in the warm winter sunshine. BTW – the epitome of Seldom – I haven’t

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  • Birds September 20, 2021

    Manitowish River Eagle

    We did an epic 7 hour fishing expedition on the Manitowish River – the 2nd half of the river we didn’t have much luck, but this giant flew not far

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