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  • Birds November 26, 2020


    Saw this “little” guy in a tree on my way to work a couple of days ago. Yep, always have my camera available at all times. I thought this dude

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  • Birds September 9, 2020


    Was walking Heidi tonight and this guy was keeping an eye on us – well we saw him too! The hawks and owls are out looking for squirrels and rabbits

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  • Birds August 23, 2020

    Growing Up

    This eagle is finally at the stage of being on its own. It has been soaring all over the lake this week – and actually terrorizing the young loon and

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  • Birds August 14, 2020

    Who, Me?

    This raven cracked me up. It was looking for bugs/things in this pine tree and it was making all sorts of hilarious clicks and chirps and warbles and sounds. I

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  • Birds August 14, 2020

    Prairie Finch

    I always carry my camera when I walk Heidi these days because you never know what you might see and miss.

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  • Birds August 11, 2020

    Long Time No See

    I haven’t seen any of these fabulous birds since May – here in Peoria on my nightly doggie walk of Heidi. Well lo-and-behold spotted this fine feathered creature looking down

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  • Birds August 8, 2020

    Hawk Take-off

    Yep, another big bird taking off from a power line. Standard fare – Red Tailed Hawk back here in gross central Illinois.

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  • Birds, Northwoods August 1, 2020

    High Altitude

    I posted a shot of this nest last year because I thought it was cool how high up and perfectly centered it is. Well sure enough it is now occupied

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  • Birds, Northwoods July 31, 2020


    Some day I’ll get a shot that is just right, with the sun in the right spot, with me in the right spot, and the loon at a perfect angle.

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