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  • Animals August 10, 2021

    Snow Leopard

    This is by far my favorite image I have taken at a zoo. This amazing snow leopard just woke up from a snooze and did this huge stretch – just

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  • Animals August 22, 2020

    Red Slider

    We always see turtles sitting on logs and rocks, but very rarely do we get to see the colors under the shell, so I liked this opportunity.

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  • Animals August 9, 2020


    Well, maybe not hidden so well, however there are a couple others in that meadow that you cannot see.

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  • Animals July 28, 2019

    Good Mama

    Was out for a walk through the woods and was lucky enough to see a mama taking great care of her fawn. Pretty cool really. It was dark and they

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  • Cabin Clips May 2, 2019

    Little Pike Otters

    These otters were looking for the veggies Kim had set out to see who was interested – there were also apples in this area for the deer, but it turned

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