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  • Birds January 28, 2023


    Birds amaze me – wind chill well below zero and they just don’t seem to get cold. It isn’t just the eagles, but so many just don’t seem to be

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  • Birds June 18, 2022

    Through the Trees

    We were out paddling with the kids and I saw this young eagle perched low through a small opening in the trees. This was with taken with the 300mm Nikon

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  • Birds September 20, 2021

    Manitowish River Eagle

    We did an epic 7 hour fishing expedition on the Manitowish River – the 2nd half of the river we didn’t have much luck, but this giant flew not far

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  • Birds August 11, 2021

    Wings in Motion

    This shot was a result of a slow shutter speed and mistaken settings that just happened to work out for the better. I’m still waiting for the super clean shot

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  • Birds, Winter February 13, 2021


    Snow, cold, ice – happy to get the environment this awesome bird is able to thrive in – temps close to zero, windchill – 18 or so. The barge channel

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  • Birds, Winter January 8, 2021

    Eagles in Rome

    Swung down to the rivers edge in Rome this afternoon and found this pair hanging out, surveying the river. Another grayish-white day – about a week straight of this strange

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  • Birds August 23, 2020

    Growing Up

    This eagle is finally at the stage of being on its own. It has been soaring all over the lake this week – and actually terrorizing the young loon and

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  • Birds, Northwoods August 8, 2019

    The Kid

    Our local juvenile bald eagle has gotten old enough to leave the nest this week. It takes 5 years until the head and tail feathers become fully white and the

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  • Birds July 15, 2018

    Harassment – x3

    While boating on the river today noticed this redwing blackbird chasing this Bald Eagle.  I was fortunate to get to see how this went down.  The eagle caught the fish

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