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  • Northwoods October 30, 2021

    Turn Around!

    Was way deep in the woods just before sunset and came across this tree. Pretty ominous to encounter this as the sun was fading, no one around for many miles,

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  • Autumn October 30, 2021


    I like the way the late evening sun ray cut through the trees to light these leaves from behind – really making their red color enhanced.

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  • Birds August 11, 2021

    Wings in Motion

    This shot was a result of a slow shutter speed and mistaken settings that just happened to work out for the better. I’m still waiting for the super clean shot

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  • Animals August 3, 2021

    Babies Grow Fast

    These loons were just a couple of weeks ago riding on the backs of their parents – and now they are nearly as large and are eating quite large fish

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  • Northwoods, Water Life August 3, 2021


    The great Turtle Flambeau Flowage is a very large and hazardous water system. It wasn’t long ago all of these stumps were not visible, as they were just underneath the

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  • Birds July 5, 2021

    Sunset Loon (w/ babies)

    These were heading towards are neck of the lake last night just before sunset. Couldn’t get much detail because of the position of the sun, but I actually like the

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  • Birds, Northwoods July 5, 2021

    Cooper’s Hawk

    Yeah, I’ve posted these guys a couple of times before, but I have yet to catch one in flight with open wings until yesterday. Always a challenge to get a

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