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  • 365 in 2019, Sky, Sun, Travel March 1, 2019

    K.C. Bound

    Heading to the SW burbs of Kansas City (last weekend) to visit my folks, my great sister and her amazing husband (my not brother brother). Had to pull over

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  • 365 in 2019, Sky January 23, 2019

    Silver Sun

    The sun trying to burn through the dark clouds – it has been dark, cloudy, snowy, icy, rainy seemingly forever lately.

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  • Light, Sky September 18, 2018

    Random Night Lights

    We went to find a “Mystery Rock” tonight.  I thought the lights and the depth of color in the sky made for a nice contrast.

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  • Sky July 18, 2018


    Plane cruising the central Illinois sky at sunset. | click for full screen options |

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  • Sky June 25, 2018

    Power Lines

    Power lines at sunset. I don’t often post “portrait” (tall) images, but this one actually I enjoy for some reason.  Perhaps the suns and silhouette of the bird on

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  • Sky June 21, 2018

    Here Comes the Rain Again

    It’s falling not falling on my head like a memory, because it has been raining every day around these parts.  I found another cool spot to watch the storms

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  • Sky June 19, 2018

    Storm Front

    Wicked storm whipped up late this afternoon.  I got luck and found a nice spot to watch it roll in. | click for full screen options |

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  • Sky June 14, 2018

    Observing the Skies

    Perfect stop on a night with turbulent skies.   Observatory at Donovan Park adjacent to Proctor Hospital – called The Northmoor Observatory.  Built in 1955 by the Peoria Astronomical

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