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  • Winter March 4, 2023

    Rainbow Flowage Shanty

    You cannot see it, but there is an ice shanty this guy is driving to across the large Rainbow Flowage – just on the other side of this island. A

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  • Water Life March 3, 2023

    Winter Swans

    The water never freezes here because there is a fast moving stream that flows into the channel here. Because of this, ducks and swans are here year round and feast

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  • Animals February 25, 2023

    Otters on Ice

    Was driving over the bridge that crosses the channel leading from Minocqua Lake to Tomahawk Lake and caught these otters having lunch. They were pretty far off in the distance

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  • Animals February 12, 2023

    Deer Creek

    Was driving north towards Saynor and crossed this creek and saw this doe in the water. I had no choice but to stop and try to get a shot. I’m

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  • Winter February 4, 2023

    Upscale Ice Shanty

    This cracked me up quite a bit. I’ve seen soooo many shanties on soooo many lakes around here, but this one takes the cake!

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  • Winter December 19, 2022


    Wausau, Wisconsin on a very cold morning (single digits). Quite a blend of beautiful snowy marsh and the power plant on the Wisconsin River in the background. Wausau is about

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  • Birds, Winter February 13, 2021


    Snow, cold, ice – happy to get the environment this awesome bird is able to thrive in – temps close to zero, windchill – 18 or so. The barge channel

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  • Winter February 13, 2021

    Rural Freeze

    I like how the red and the white with a splash of green make this look – snow falling, icicles, etc……

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  • Abstract, Winter January 11, 2021

    Rows of Ice

    I liked the pattern this ice and snow made as it melts on the side of this wall/roof. It almost appears as a black & white image, but it isn’t

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